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Thursday, February 28, 2013

1939 Richmond, VA & Charleston, SC

I found this film from 1939 and need help identifying all of the locations.  If you think you know please comment. The first half is Richmond, VA then switches to Charleston.

0:00 Starts at Broad St Station which was a train station from 1919 when it was finished, until 1975.  Since 1976, it's been the Science Museum of Virginia.1

0:17 Around the 700 block of E Broad St.  You can see the 23 story building in the background, built in 1929 as the tallest building in Richmond.  It’s known as the Central Fidelity Building and is empty today.2

1:11 Thanks to the help of @georgeae on Twitter that looks like the corner of 7th Street and Canal.

2:00 Liggett and Myers tobacco office but I can’t read the sign completely. Thanks @georgeae

2:16 The White House of the Confederacy, which opened as The Museum of the Confederacy in 1896 and held the museum's collection until the newer section of the museum was opened in 1976.  Today it’s restored to its Civil War area appearance and is open for tours.

2:32 Not sure where that is but it looks like a bus station.  The "Colored" signs...

2:45 Looks like N 4th St & Broad.  Thanks @georgeae

3:01 A sign letting "colored" know where they can get service.  Unfortunately it looks like they may have to go all of the way to Fredericksburg.

3:20 The Virginia State Capitol building

4:00 A store for "colored only" called Booker T Luncheon. 

4:19 It seems to switch to Charleston, SC. If you know anything about Charleston, comment about that as well.


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