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Monday, May 28, 2012

Marguerite Dewey Daniels

Dewey Plot at Hollywood Cemetery, photo by Jeff Majer

For Memorial Day I decided to write about one of my favorite memorials at Hollywood Cemetery.

Marguerite Dewey Daniels is laid beside her husband Frank Borden Daniels and in front of the pair is their grandson Jeffrey Kenneth MacNelly Jr.

Marguerite Dewey Daniels, photo by Jeff Majer
The grandson, Jeffrey Jr. is the son of Jeffrey Kenneth MacNelly and Marguerite Daniels MacNelly.  Marguerite was either the first or second wife of Jeff MacNelly.  MacNelly wrote for the Richmond News Leader from 1970-1982.  While in Richmond he started the cartoon Shoe.  His political cartoons won him three Pulitzer Prizes ('76, '78 & '85) and Shoe won him two Reuben awards. Jeff's 1972 win, made him the youngest person to win a Pulitzer.1

Jeffrey Jr, the first of MacNelly’s three children, was an editorial cartoonist for The Aspen Times.   In 1996, at the age of 24 he tragically died from injuries sustained in a rock climbing accident.2

Stone on the ground for Marguerite Dewey Daniels, photo by Jeff Majer 
I haven't found much direct info about Mrs. Daniels, but I can only hope her sense of humor was as good as her son in law and grandson's.

Even though Jeff MacNelly passed in 2000, Shoe is still published in more then 500 newspapers and is carried on by longtime assistant Chris Cassatt, his last wife, Susie MacNelly and cartoonist Gary Brookins.1


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