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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Have You Seen this Bomb?


WHAT: H-bomb

DESCRIPTION:  "Mk-15, Mod O" hydrogen bomb, weighing four tons and packing more than 100 times the explosive punch of the one that incinerated Hiroshima. As well contains 400 pounds of TNT, designed to cause the plutonium trigger to implode and start the nuclear explosion.

LAST SEEN: The night of February 5, 1958,54 years ago today, 36,000 feet above the Georgia coast, jettisoned into the shallow waters of Warsaw Sound, near the mouth of the Savannah River, a few miles from the city of Tybee Island, after a B-47 Stratojet bomber carrying the hydrogen bomb collided with an F-86 Saberjet fighter on a night training flight.


If located DO NOT APPROACH.  Some believe it is still armed.  Please contact your local representative. Some say there has not been a whole lot of effort to find it so far.

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