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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dead Folks Moved In, Out and Around Hollywood Cemetery

James Monroe by Samuel Finley Breese Morse c. 1819
The White House Historical Association

I don't know everything about every cemetery in the world but I know some about Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va and it has occurred to me there have been a lot of folks moved to and from burial places there.  If that is common in other cemeteries let me know in the comments below, but it doesn't make it any less odd in my mind.  Here are a few:

President James Monroe: from the Gouverneur family vault at Marble Cemetery in New York City to Hollywood in 1858, 27 years after his death in 1831. 1
Monroe's Grave Library of Congress

At least 3 Confederate Solders: when it was discovered they were buried with the union soldiers in1866, they were moved immediately to rest with his fellow Confederates. 1

2,935 Confederate Gettysburg Dead:  shipped from July 1872-Oct 1873 (9-10 years after the battle)from the Gettysburg Battlefield to Picket's Hill. 1

At least 261 Union soldier: After a backlash from the public that the US Government had paid to have them interred and cared for at Hollywood they were moved from Hollywood to The Richmond National Cemetery on Williamsburg Rd in Richmond's east end in 1867, 2 years after the war was over. 1

AP Hill: from G. Powell Hills home in Chesterfield because they tried to get him into Hollywood as Richmond was falling/burning, then to Hollywood Cemetery, then to his statue in Laburnum and Hermitage, Richmond, VA 26 years later. 2

Jefferson Davis' Grave c.1905 Library of Congress

Jefferson Davis: Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans to Davis Circle in Hollywood May 31, 1893, 3 1/2 years after his death.1

3 of Jeff Davis's sons: William Howell(1861-1872)3 from Memphis, Samuel (1852-1854) 3 from DC, and Joseph (1859-1864)3 who died at the President's Mansion in Richmond (White House of the Confederacy) from lot Q-13 in Hollywood, to Davis Circle to be with their dad in June 1893. 1

Major Lewis Ginter: From the Shafer Mausoleum in Hollywood to the Ginter Mausoleum finished in mid- to late 1898 by the C.E. Tayntor Company of New York on the bank over looking the James River almost a year after his death.  Vermont granite in a Greek revival-style with three Tiffany windows may make this one worth the wait. 2

Who says there is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.  Not when people keep moving you around.
These are all good stories individually that I hope to get to in the future so check back in.
Tell me of any folk you know of that have been moved after death in the comments below.

1. Hollywood Cemetery: The History of a Southern Shrine, Mary Mitchell, The Library of Virginia, updated, 1999
2. Lewis Ginter: Richmond's: Richmond's Gilded Age Icon, Brian Burns, The History Press, 2011

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