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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The National Biscuit Company

sometime in the 1920's courtesy of Library of Virginia Digital Collections
314 North 18th Street, Richmond, Virginia

In 1898 The United States Baking Company, The New York Biscuit Company and The American Biscuit and Manufacturing company merged and formed The National Biscuit Company. 1

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314 North 18th Street, Richmond, Virginia today

The name NABISCO was first used in 1901 as a part of sugar wafers but it takes until 1971 until Nabisco becomes the official name of the company.
On 25th St. just south of Broad St. Richmond, Va.
Photo Jeff Majer
Uneeda Biscuit, created around 1899 was the first ad campaign to feature a prepackaged ready to eat food, 2 and it's "water proof packages" was one of the first catch phrases and was the first million dollar ad campaign. 3  


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