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Friday, December 9, 2011

Ross Perot and Bin Laden

 I am getting my history nerd on, watching the hit show "Contenders" on CSPAN.  (Just to make me feel better if anyone else watches CSPAN comment below.) The subject was Ross Perot, the 3rd party candidate that ran against Bush and Clinton in 1992 and Clinton and Dole in 1996 and he is the founder of Electronic Data Systems.  I remember him more for his infomercials.  I was a little too young to care about elections at that time.  His constant talk of what seems today to be a tiny trillion dollar debt seems very relevant and it make me more interested in him.  But the one thing that stuck out to me is that Ross Perot has a walking stick given to him by the Navy SEALS, they found in Afghanistan that belonged to the late Bin Laden.  That Bin Laden.  Ross Perot has Bin Laden's walking stick.  I want Bin Laden's walking stick.  Never would have guessed that.

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