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Friday, December 30, 2011

No Military Experience in the 2012 Election

FDR well before his first, second, third, or fourth times being elected president. 
Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Thinking about the Republican field for president I realized there is not one of them that has military experience, and since Obama doesn't either, that mean this will be the first election without a former military candidate since FDR ran against Thomas E. Dewey in 1944 for Roosevelt's fourth term as president.
In this extended election cycle I may have missed something. If you know of any military experience let me know. The only foreign policy experience worth talking about seems to be Bachman, and Huntsman & Huntsman's was under the Obama administration which doesn't seem to be going very well with Republicans.

Regrettably I must admit I was wrong about this post.  Ron Paul was drafted into the air force and served from (1963–1965). Sorry for the inaccuracy and sorry Ron Paul.

Post Script: (added 7:01pm 12/30)
Apparently some folks seem to think that my facts are not correct because I am not supporting their candidate full stop.  This seems to be taken as a slight.  It should not be taken as such.  If you have some issue with my facts or even my slant please feel free to let me know.  Those dismissals out right because you are too emotional about your candidate to read anything not buttering them up, take a deep breath...then write a comment.  If I am wrong about something I am more then happy to learn.  That is the point of this blog.

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