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Monday, December 12, 2011

The American History Guys are Back

Normally I listen to a good number of podcasts and lectures on iTunes U, but I have been listening to the marathon audio book, Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow, narrated by Scott Brick.  I am almost through the 41 hours and 57 minutes from Chernow (just barely longer then G Washington's actual life, but very good) and I am pumped that when I am done with that The American History Guys are back.  If you don't know who the American History Guys are you should.  Back Story with the American History Guys is a fun, informative, and well produced audio program with Peter Onuf, the 18th Century Guy (the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History at UVA, and the author of 11 books), Ed Ayers, the 19th Century Guy (President of The University of Richmond and author/ editor of 10 books), and Brian Balough, The 20th Century Guy (a professor of history at UVA, director of the Fellowship Program at Governing America in a Global Era Program at UVA's Miller Center of Public Affairs and the author of 3 books).  These three guys just seem like incredibly knowledgeable friends that talk history.   They pick a topic, and compare how it relates to each of their time periods.  This kind of entertainment/education gives historical context which makes history fun and interesting.

Look for them on your local NPR station or call your local station to get them on the air.
Or you can get the programs on podcast and listen on your time at

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