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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fulton is Born

I like local history.  I live in Fulton Hill in the east end of Richmond (East End Represent!!!)  Not being in the heart of the city, the history is over looked by many historians making it scarce & the forbidden fruit I must have.  I am not even sure when Fulton or Fulton Hill became part of the City of Richmond. Anyone that knows please comment and try to leave some kind of source.

I did just find in Michael B. Chesson's, Richmond After the War, 1865-1890, Published by the VA State Library, that Fulton was laid out in 1852 at the foot of Fulton Hill beyond Rocketts and Gillie's Creek.
By 1867 Fulton had 50-60 frame tenements with 3-5 rooms, porches & tiny front yards.1
It was mostly mechanics living in this new "suburb" that would have had a long walk to the center of town where most of the jobs would have been.1  For a short time there would have been an omnibus pulled by horses that went from Brook Turnpike (now Brook Rd) all the way to Rocketts Landing.  But that was a short lived line... it started in 1860 and then ended during the Civil War.2  I don't know if the Fultonites could afford the horse drone bus or if it was mostly for people going to and from the port of Richmond, Rocketts Landing.

Other Big Events in 1852 from
1st British public female toilet opens (Bedford Street London)
Uncle Sam cartoon figure made its debut in the New York Lantern weekly
Ohio makes it illegal for children under 18 and women to work more than 10 hours a day
Franklin Pierce elected as president of U.S.
Duke U, founded in 1838 as Union Institute chartered as Normal College
Future president and Mrs. Rutherford B Hayes marry

1. Richmond After The War 1865-1890, Michael B. Chesson, VA State Library, 1981
2. Rails in Richmond, Carlton Norris McKenney

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  2. I've got a city map that shows when the different parts of Henrico were annexed (up until 1923). Here is a detail shot of the Fulton area:

    Appears to show that the area closest to the river was annexed in 1867, approximately north of Williamsburg Rd was 1906. The band of grey came into the city in 1923. I'm not sure of the dates of later annexation, I think that there was one in the 1940s and then the 1970s.


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  3. That is really helpful! Thanks, it may take me a few to read all of those posts.